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1. CURRENT TOPIC  (A croc is like a machine)
I saw a picture in the paper of a crocodile with a manís severed arm in its mouth. Hereís what happened.  A veterinarian was attempting to check out the croc, which bit his arm off.  It happened very fast.  The croc was killed and the arm was reattached to the man.  Itís still unclear how much use of the arm he will regain.

When I looked at the picture, the croc reminded me of a machine.  The croc didnít care if it ripped off the manís arm.  Crocs donít care what they do.  They donít understand how much damage they do, and that one certainly wouldnít give the man a second chance.  Machines are the same.  They donít know or care if they rip an arm off.

In this case, the man got too close to the crocís mouth and he paid for it.  If you get too close to moving parts of a machine or your clothing or jewelry gets snagged, you will pay for it.  The results will be just as devastating as if your arm got too close to a crocís mouth.

Crocs and machines do what they do and donít really care if your arm gets caught or not. Always be aware of the potential dangers wherever you are.  

Donít get too close to moving machinery. 
Make sure the protective guards are in placeÖand donít get too close to a crocodile.


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3. IT WAS IN THE NEWS ( A real idiot)

In Pamplona, Spain, there is a nine day festival where a bunch of bulls are let loose on the street.  They stampede to the bullring.  Daring people run in front of the bulls hoping they wonít be one of the unlucky ones who get gored, trampled and injured.  In the history of this ďrunning of the bulls,Ē fifteen people have died.  I am not against people adding some excitement to their lives as long as they put a bit of thought into their decisions.  What one man did though, I find very stupid.

He took his 10-year-old son with him to run with the bulls.  Many people who run with the bulls are drunk, probably for the false sense of bravery alcohol can create.  I donít think the 10-year-old was drunk.  My bet is he was encouraged by his dad, who probably wanted something to brag about.  Talk about peer pressure!  Itís easy to talk a ten-year-old into anything.

The local paper showed a photo of the kid running just a few feet from a bull.  Mom (dadís ex-wife) complained, took Dad to court, and Dad lost custody of the boy because he hadnít put his childís welfare first.

Showing off gets a lot of people into trouble.  What did Dad gain by putting his son in danger?  If the kid had been hurt, I wonder how Dad would have defended his actions.

Kids (and young workers), watch adults and more experienced workers.  Set a good example.  Donít encourage anyone to take silly chances on or off the job.


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