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A NEW VIDEO: Accidents Aren't "Just One Of Those Things"
Dynamic Video Presentation By: Martin Lesperance, Firefighter/Paramedic/Best Selling Author

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Twenty years of experience has given Martin Lesperance firsthand experience witnessing the results of poor choices and decisions people make everyday. In this motivational presentation Martin takes his experiences and molds them into an entertaining and thought-provoking safety presentation.

His presentation will make your employees both laugh and cry as Martin shares his stories with a live audience.


  • Why We Must "Think Before We Act".
  • If You Notice a Dangerous Situation, Fix It Now!
  • The Ripple Effect Of Injuries.
  • Why Unsafe = Selfish.
  • Why We Wear PPE.
  • Accidents Aren't "Just One Of Those Things"

Martin makes his points with real stories of emergency incidents he has attended. Your employees will pay close attention to Martin's unique presentation style, all the while being reminded to work and play in a safe manner.

Super speaker with a super message.”
“Martin is always a lot of fun to listen to. He has the best presentation style.”
  - Carol Sinclair, Chevron Resources

All Employees Will Benefit From Viewing This Powerful Presentation!

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