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Looking For A Safety Speaker for your next
Conference, Safety Kick Off or Banquet?

Do you want to be sure the speaker you pick will make your employees laugh and at the same time remember a strong safety message? Want a speaker who can bring a story so vividly to life and literally transport them to the scene? Want a speaker who will make you look good?

Picking a speaker isn’t easy. Finding someone who delivers a message in a very entertaining way isn’t easy. It’s even harder to find someone who can deliver a message your employees will remember the following week, never mind the following month.

When you pick a speaker, your reputation is on the line. Relax, Martin Lesperance has never received a bad review or critique or missed a speaking engagement

Why Is Martin A Credible Speaker
and How is He Involved With Injury Prevention?

I’ve worked 20 years as a Fire Fighter/Paramedic and still working as one. I’ve seen almost every injury that can happen to the human body. In almost all cases, carelessness was the cause. Personally, I’ve never lost an arm, a leg, been horribly burned or received head injuries so severe I was never able to recognize my kids. I never want to. But, I’ve personally dealt with hundreds of people who have and I’ve dealt with hundreds who have died due to their injuries. I’ve learned from their mistakes. Your employees can also learn from their mistakes.

Speaker and Author

For the past 11 years I’ve designed and delivered hundreds of safety programs for a broad range of industries. From the tiny gas plant in the middle of nowhere to large safety conferences with thousands of attendees, I know what works to hold audience attention. I also know how difficult it is for safety professionals. I've been a safety professional for over a decade.

In response to employee needs, I've also written three injury prevention books: I Won’t be into Work Today - Preventing Injuries at Home, Work and Play. Kids for Keeps – Preventing Injuries to Children and What Do You Mean I’m Stressed – Recognizing and Managing Your Stress.

My latest book is called “Safety Tips That Will Save Your Butt – Real Life Examples From A Fire Fighter/Paramedic".

I’ve spoken across North America at numerous safety conferences, banquets and have delivered many in-house talks for quarterly or annual safety meetings.

Powerful Stories That Will Be Remembered
People like stories and they are best told from someone who was there in the heat of the moment. I’ve got first hand experience dealing with illnesses, injuries and fatalities.

In fact, you might think some of these stories are so bizarre that I made them up. I didn’t.

“I’m still hearing you quoted as I walk through the hallways. You made quite an impression on our employees and management team.”
-Char Slonis, Huntsman Polyurethane

Intelligent People WILL Do Bizarre and Dangerous Things to Injure Themselves.

For 20 years I've seen many intelligent people do very stupid acts to cause themselves and innocent people harm. I've turned these common acts of carelessness (or stupidity) into something your employees will remember so they don’t take the same silly little risks and create devastating results. When it comes to injuries, there's no second chance. It’s less painful to learn from other people's mistakes. To make safety easier to swallow, my stories have a lot of humor to help the safety message stick.

Dynamic and Humorous Speaking Style

Here's what some of my clients have to say about my talks:

“Thank you for the terrific and powerful safety message you delivered to our employees and customers. I’ve gotten many compliments and strong feedback about how much more aware they now are of the consequences that seemingly trivial actions can have on safety… You have a great style that rivets people’s attention by combining humor with the seriousness of safety… I have no doubt you will have saved some of us from serious injury due to your fine presentation.”
- Warren D. Smalley, President and CEO, New Mexico Mutual Casualty Company

“I thank you for your exceptional presentation at our site safety meeting. You captured the attention of our employees and drove home the point of how important safety is every day of our lives. Your method of combining the seriousness of safety with your humorous approach conveys the message very well.”
   - A.P. Hankins, Vice President, Huntsman Polyurethanes, West Deptford, NJ.

“Your session was truly inspiring and was very popular with our delegates. Some of the comments are as follows.
was afraid to leave for the washroom in case I missed something very humorous way of dealing with very serious issues super speaker who really knows his stuff wonderful story teller very dynamic speaker fantastic. I learned so much I am increasingly amazed by the impact you made on our audiences.”
— Laurie Hokanson, 2001 Employee Development Conference, Edmonton, Alberta

“I want to thank you for making our Ninth Annual Celebrate Safety Banquet truly an event to remember…The message you have to present is one that the construction industry will truly benefit from.”
— Michael T. Abeln P.E., Chief, Construction Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

“I want to extend our thanks and appreciation for the inspiring safety talks you provided us. We have had excellent feedback and many people have reported that your session has created a new level of safety awareness in their daily lives… The success of your talks are directly related to the everyday examples you used and to which people could relate, the connection you made with both the emotional and humorous side of safety.”
—D.J. Fennell, Imperial Oil Resources

“Those who heard Martin speak are asking that we have him return to speak on another topic next year. His delivery blended humor and his own professional experiences to create an unforgettable safety message. Month’s later employees are still telling me they thought of Martin while they were “fixing” something at home.
Maryann Grodecki, Aventis, Swiftwater, PA

“What can I say? The reviews were without a doubt, full of high praise that you can be proud of… Words to describe your presentation were “great presentation…had my full attention all the time…passionate.” I can only say thank you which hardly seems to be enough words.”
Elaine MacEachern-Pierce ,WCB, Prince Edward Island

You Get What You Pay For
When you book a speaker there’s a lot riding on your decision. If he or she bombs, it was not only a waste of time for the employees, but you will look bad. People won’t be happy with you. As in anything else, in the safety speaking business, you certainly get what you pay for.

You’ve heard speakers and couldn’t remember what they said the next day. With Martin, the safety message is remembered for weeks, months and years to come. Scrimping on the cost of a safety speaker can cost you and your reputation a lot. If the audience says “that was a waste of time,” what have you accomplished? What does an employee with a broken leg cost your company?

“I’ve had people come up to me a year later and tell me they remembered one of my stories and the point I made with it. I’m proud of that because I know when this happens, they are thinking about safety”
– Martin Lesperance

IQ Has Nothing To Do With Your Safety
As a firefighter/paramedic I’ve treated doctors, lawyers, millionaires, company CEO's, major sports figures and young children. No one is immune to injuries. Anyone can be hurt. In order to prevent injuries, you have to think of the repercussions of your actions on an on going basis.

If Your Looking for A Technical Safety Speaker, Don’t Call Me!
There are thousands of people who are better qualified than I to speak about technical aspects of safety aspects. That’s not what I do. I give people a reason why they should work or play in a safe manner. Before someone learns the technical aspects of safety, they need a good reason.

Discounts for Multiple Programs
Even though Martin doesn’t come cheap, he is still a bargain. He is less expensive than the other big name speakers and he is unique. Martin will do multiple talks for greater than 50% reduced fee. He figures if he’s already traveled to the location, he should definitely give the customer a reduced price for the second or third talk. Book Martin now for NAOSH week before all his dates are taken.

Some of his most requested talks are:

I Won’t be into Work Today – Preventing Injuries at Home Work and Play
This talk deals with the silly things intelligent people do to injure themselves. Everyone will be able to relate to the points made and they will remember them. There is a lot of humor, but there is still a strong underlying message.

Silly Little Risks – Talking to Teens
This talk is geared towards the young worker and high school students. Remember when you were a teen and invincible? Martin points out they aren’t. This is done with very compelling stories the teens will remember. –This can be a great public relations event!

What Do You Mean I’m Stressed – Recognizing and Managing Your Stress
Martin does not have a PHD in psychology but he can deliver the message in everyday language and with a lot of humor. Learn how a firefighters stress is no different than yours.

See Martin in action at

A 14 minute video of Martin can be downloaded at his website. If you don’t have high-speed internet access, it could take a few minutes to download.

There is also a 10-minute audio sample you can download faster.

Free Safety Articles You Can Reproduce for Your Organization

I have about 50 safety related articles you can use for your organization’s in-house newsletter. All I ask is you email me the articles you are using and how you are using them. Go to for the articles.

If you don’t need a live speaker, check my videos at

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Martin Lesperance is a fire fighter/paramedic and is the author of the best selling book, "I Won't be in to Work Today - Preventing Injuries at Home, Work and Play" and "Kids for Keeps - Preventing Injuries to Children". Martin delivers keynote presentations and seminars dealing with injury prevention and wellness. To order the books or for more information on the presentations, call 403-225-2011 or email

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